Resonance Deck

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There’s something about sharing an image with someone safe, that holds something of what is hard to speak. Both of you can enter into it together and it can become a middle space in the emotional no man’s land. Even if no words are able to be brought around the image there is still something being concretely offered about what that person is experiencing. Images can be the relational bridge into a trauma memory or feeling.

With the Resonance Deck you have a go-to tool to use when words feel too hard grasp. The 48 cards in the deck are a sleek 3.5 x 5.75 in size. Large enough to be able to connect to the image and small enough to be easily carried. Each deck comes with a title card and an instruction card with a list of word prompts. The 46 different images evoke different things for different people. The cards can be used by therapists with clients, individuals with friends or by themselves, and even parents with children. There isn’t a wrong way to interpret an image, it’s merely a starting point for a deeper conversation with yourself or others. 

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